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GroBox One – Everything You Need For Indoor Growing

January 12, 2018

Marijuana is steadily becoming legal across the United States. But with legalization, comes threats of big pharma and corporations interfering with the integrity of the weed we buy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space, time, or means to grow their own cannabis… until now. The GroBox company plans to set the trend in making home growing normal. The GroBox One is an all in one, indoor hydroponics greenhouse. GroBox One’s air filtering system is designed for plants and food, but is also capable of growing cannabis. Now, anyone can have access and know exactly what’s going into the plants they smoke.

What You Get

This sleek 46” x 18.7” box includes: LED grow lights with a full spectrum of color that mimic the sun , automatic watering, and a built-in carbon air filter. GroBox is literally providing you with everything you need for a “No Bullshit Growing” experience. When you cultivate your own cannabis, the fear of nicotine or harmful chemicals being added to your weed no longer exists. The GroBox gives you the opportunity to take back the power of growing what they consume into their own plants.

Don’t have a green thumb? No big deal! The GroBox company boasts that their product is easy to use, claiming there are: “No more excuses for why you can’t have a sustainable garden.” So how can you get your hands on one of these boxes? The innovative people at GroBox are looking for funding. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and order your own GroBox One now!