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Millennials In Cannabis: Meet Jacob Silverstein

April 29, 2017
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Originally from New York, Jacob Silverstein has been a medical marijuana patient and advocate in Nevada for the past several years. After a lengthy career in government and the non-profit sector, Jacob entered the cannabis industry as the marketing manager for Silver State Wellness and Las Vegas ReLeaf.


Photo via Las Vegas Journal and Review

“As a premiere distributor of Dixie Elixirs in Nevada, Las Vegas ReLeaf is proud to offer patients an increased variety of high quality products that appeal to both novice and veteran consumers alike, and particularly to non-smokers by offering sodas, mints, tinctures, topical lotions, chocolates, and more,” Silverstein explains.

Joel has been featured in a variety of media outlets including the New York Times, helping to normalize cannabis culture and educate the public on the health benefits of cannabis.



When Las Vegas ReLeaf opened its doors one year ago on October 5, 2015, there were only a handful of operating medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Nevada, and none operating within the City of Las Vegas.


Learn the ins and outs of marketing and launching your cannabis business or product at the May installment of Millennials in Cannabis, where on May 4, Silverstein will participate as a panelist at the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association talk, featuring top millennials in the cannabis industry. The Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association is teaming up with Social Media Unicorn to bring you top millennials in the cannabis industry to share their stories and offer up practical tips to help your brand engage and connect with the new generation of cannabis consumers.

Hosted by SMU’s Krista Whitley, the panel free conversation will also include analysis from:

Katy Bruce 

Katy has worked in the cannabis space for more than two decades in both Washington and California. Katy’s passion for the marijuana industry is relentless. She spends most of her time doing what she loves the most, teaching others learn how to cultivate cannabis. 

Shelby Stanley 

Shelby Stanley works with DigiPath Labs, helping clients test and analyze reports on the quality of the cannabis you consume.

At the event, held at the Las Vegas Country Club on May 4th, Stanley and fellow panelists will share their passion for helping de-stigmatize cannabis use through education.

Details below: