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We all love the feeling of being high – the effects of THC put us at ease and can even relieve some health symptoms. Though, if you’ve ever had a little too much cannabis, you know that the feeling can be intense. Paranoia, dizziness, confusion and nausea are all symptoms of THC overuse that can quickly ruin your night out with friends.

Here’s what to do if you find yourself experiencing your very own “Fear & Loathing” moment while out on the town in Las Vegas.

Take It Easy

If you are feeling overly high or confused, the best thing to do is find someplace cool and quiet to sit and relax. While you’re doing this you may want to take some nice deep breaths, stretch the arms and legs, and of course, hydrate your body with some fresh water. Definitely do this instead of seeking out alcohol or other drugs to make you feel better – these may end up having the opposite effect.

Chill with CBD

It’s well-known among cannabis connoisseurs that a little bit of cannabidiol can actually offset and reverse the negative side effects associated with too much THC. That’s why it is good advice to keep some CBD edibles or tincture drops readily on hand to deal with any undesired emotions or feelings. Dosing cannabis is difficult, especially for beginners, and it’s a learning experience above all. So don’t worry if you ate too big a piece of that chocolate bar – just chill with some CBD and you will feel better soon.

Eat Something (Good)

Eating food can definitely help you feel more human after you’ve used too much THC – but there are a few key things to remember when trying to snack the dizziness away. THC binds to fat cells, making cheeseburgers and fries a very bad idea. While junk food might taste good at this point, the fats and oils within can actually send your weed trip spiraling even more. You are much better off finding a piece of fresh fruit or bread, or a healthier meal in general.

We’re proud of Nevada’s cannabis industry, and we want you to learn to love it too. Before you go out to experience everything you already know and love about our city, you’ve got to grab some of what Las Vegas has to offer in terms of cannabis. We make it easy lightning-fast registration and delivery of the goods directly to your location.

Browse the Cannabis In Vegas menu and let your fingers do the talking! We can’t wait to meet you.