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7 Nevada Cannabis Brands You Should Know

April 26, 2017
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Battle born brand of premium flower and infused wellness products available to adults 21+ in at Nevada’s finest Nevada’s favorite cannabis brand, with a full line of products that have patients coming back asking for them by name.

Green and Gold Supply Co

After opening their massive facility in Northern Nevada late last year, Green & Gold Supply Co. was met with rave reviews at High Society’s inaugural 420 soiree at the luxurious Kush Lounge (more on her later).


CannaVative Farms is a medical cannabis cultivation facility in the state of Nevada where the highest quality medical marijuana flower is grown and harvested and sold to Nevada State-certified medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Kush Lounge Las Vegas

This luxurious Las Vegas mansion is a the areas first cannabis-friendly speak easy. The sprawling estate played host to one of Las Vegas’ biggest marijuana celebrations, an invite-only event for cannabis industry insiders earlier this month.

Tahoe Hydroponics

Award-winning Tahoe Hydro is bringing their new ultra-premium pre rolls to the Las Vegas market. This team of experience growers from the Lake Tahoe area set out with one mission in mind, to grow the type of cannabis they’d actually want to consume themselves. Check out all of the their delicious strain combinations on their Facebook page here.

Jenny’s Dispensary

Jenny’s dispensary shares a unique approach to servicing the medical marijuana patients of Nevada, providing a steady flow of scientifc information and a plethora of expertise when it comes to using cannabis to treat a variety of ailments ranging from Multiple Sclerosis to Cancer.

Digipath Labs

The team at Digigpath Labs is committed to raising the standard for testing in the Nevada cannabis industry, testing all forms of cannabis-based products using FDA-compliant laboratory equipment and processes.