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Is There A Safe Way To Consume Cannabis While You Are Pregnant?

April 27, 2017
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Cannabis is legendary for its helpful effects subduing nausea; something that comes in handy when experiencing morning sickness. Many women in the past have claimed to have smoked marijuana to them cope with excessive vomiting and it’s estimated that 2-3 % of American women smoke marijuana throughout their entire pregnancy.

But the question still remains is it safe to smoke marijuana while pregnant? And what effect, if any will it have on the trial.

Research has been conducted on both mothers and infants exposed to marijuana use during pregnancy.

The most notable difference observed was the length of children exposed to marijuana smoke appeared to be shorter. This was recorded at two-tenths of an inch – so it’s not much to worry about.

In children tested at age one after marijuana exposure showed no serious side effects compared to children not exposed to the herb. However, it is argued that these children showed lower cognitive skills yet it should be taken into consideration that many of the marijuana exposed children who displayed these signs were also from lower economic areas.

The most common way to consume marijuana while pregnant is to smoke or vaporize it.

Vaporizers are recommended as they do not require a lighter, which contains butane, and can be harmful to the fetus. Vaporizers reduce this effect. Baked goods with marijuana infused would be the ideal option; however, for those dealing with morning sickness it doesn’t add up.