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The Weekend Box: Curating the Top Cannabis Products in Vegas

July 11, 2017
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After kicking off  Adult Use cannabis with hour long lines to gain entry to dispensaries, Nevada’s legal cannabis market is expected to explode raking in a whopping $30 million in sales in the first six months alone.

With more than 44 million visitors expecting to swing through Sin City next year, are Vegas’ dispensaries really ready for the green rush?

Enter the Las Vegas Weekend Box, launching July 14 at dispensaries across Las Vegas.

Each month, the Weekend Box will curate 10 products from the Las Vegas cannabis community complete with an educational guide to safe consumption in our fabulous city.

vegas-weekend-boxThe goal is to speed up dispensary lines while providing a convenient way to try a variety of quality products at a competitive price.

July’s Vegas Weekend Box includes a plethora of ways to consume cannabis including the transdermal patch from Manna Molecular Science.

The Vegas Weekend Box, founded by Social Media Unicorn’s CEO Krista Whitley, has made unlikely collaborators out of Nevada’s top cannabis companies.

From branded products to a growing list of dispensaries, the Vegas Weekend Box  is proving to standout as a beautifully coordinated example of the cannabis community joining together for the common good.

The journey hasn’t been easy.

“When I started The Weekend Box, I went to all of the brands in the industry, assuming they’d be thrilled with an order of 10,000 units,” Whitley explained in Vegas Cannabis Magazine.

“The vast majority saw the opportunity, but there were a few who saw that level of volume as a burden and only had objections.”

Her creation, 10,000 boxes of goods that can easily be picked up by tourists to make their Vegas trip truly top shelf, has already sold out in pre-order.

“I see it as a win-win-win situation,” said Whitley about her creation. Boxes are delivered to The+Source Nevada and MMJ America Vegas on July 14th, so be there to get yours before they sell out!